Free Online Chats!

The Power of the Group: A Sounding Board for Discovery

To help with the ongoing coronavirus emergency, I am moderating online discussions to help us move forward in challenging times. By listening and sharing with each other we gain strength, and discover tips and strategies for overcoming obstacles that stand in our way!

I am extremely excited and happy to have you join in, but I ask you to read and understand the following points before joining in:

1) The sessions are open to all, so its possible more people will be present than will be able to speak. Anyone who joins can listen in, but to ensure that the sessions run smoothly, only six or so people will be able to be heard at any given time. Generally, the first people who log-in will form the “active” group for that session. Everyone else will be muted. If an active group member wishes not to speak, someone else will be offered the opportunity. The sessions will last about 30 minutes.

2) All participants are expected to be respectful, supportive, and helpful. Harsh criticism, shaming, belittling, and foul-language are not acceptable. As the moderator for the group, I reserve the right to mute or remove anyone at anytime.

3) Since there is no vetting of participants, be careful not to share any information that could be used to harm or embarrass you; such as your full name or street address. 

For a more private and confidential online group experience; I offer paid sessions where all the participants are known, assured the opportunity to speak, and are the same from session to session. Email me for more information.

4) While I am a physician, your participation in these meetings does not establish a doctor-patient relationship between us. That relationship is only established by a formal, individual, paid evaluation. Unless such an evaluation takes place, you agree that I am not expected or required to return any emails, texts or calls seeking my help. If you need help with an urgent or emergency situation, call your doctor or therapist, call 9-1-1, or go to your nearest emergency room.

Despite the limitations, I am hopeful these sessions will be helpful for you whether or not you actively participate. Sharing our concerns, doing our best to offer helpful suggestions, and learning from others in similar situations can be very helpful in giving us a fresh perspective and allowing us to manage difficult situations more effectively. I encourage you to participate or listen in as much as you can, and ask you to encourage those you care about to do the same!

Please don’t share the meeting link directly. Instead, link people to this page so they will know the ground rules before they join.

5) By clicking the link below, you indicate you have read, understood, and agree to the above.

Next Meeting:

Date: Friday, November 6
Time: 3:00 PM EST

In order to enhance security for everyone, and block Zoombombers, send an email with your first name to and I will send you the meeting information. Use the same name when logging in.

See you soon!